Organizing An Event Shouldn’t Be A Mystery

 “Fundraising is the heartbeat of every nonprofit, and events are vital to be successful. Yet, events can be overwhelming with their intricate details. I excel at unraveling the complexities of event planning and execution – plus generating new revenue and donors. Great events will make a significant impact to your bottom line.”

~ Michael Malekoff
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Event Fundraising Solutions

Simplify event execution with the right strategies. Utilize my time-tested methods to grow revenue and engage new donors. Together we can navigate the event fundraising jungle and overcome past event hurdles.

The “Five That Drive”

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Increase participant registration, drive donations and turn participants into fundraising gurus with these five simple tips.

    It’s the big event day. Despite your meticulous attention to detail, unexpected challenges inevitably arise at the eleventh hour. Fear not, you can arm yourself with the tools to tackle the unexpected. With my wealth of experience and expertise, you’ll be ready to handle any last-minute hiccup and emerge as your organization’s hero. Let’s transform a day of chaos into easily resolved issues for attendees, volunteers and staff.

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    If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

    DATA REIGNS SUPREME — it’s the master key to unlocking the fundraising bank vault. Within the depths of data lie hidden treasures that unveil everything you need to know to elevate your events. I’ve honed the art of harnessing event data and by identifying key data elements, event participation and donations will soar.

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      Events are recovering from the pandemic. It’s time to get in gear and elevate your events to the next level.

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        Securing sponsorships is a science and not a mystical art. Let’s unlock the secrets to landing top-tier sponsors and maximize your sponsorship revenue. Why settle for basic goods and services when multi-year cash sponsorships are the ultimate goal.