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By Gorilla Web | May 24, 2016 | Peers

Hear From Your Peers

What do you want to say? Do you have an opinion to share? How about a great event fundraising idea? This is your opportunity to share, and hear, what fundraising professionals have to say about organizing events.

Do you have a great idea to share with your peers?

My primary objective is to engage, educate and challenge you regarding the way we organize fundraising events. This includes having you express your opinions and ideas on event fundraising. I’m the first to admit there is no one “correct” method to execute an event. Event production is very fluid and every day there are new ideas to gain ownership of the next great fundraising event. Who ever heard of mud or color runs 15 years ago?

Do you want to share an opinion about event fundraising?

I’m an ardent believer in sharing great ideas or as I like to label them, “best practices.” During my tenure at JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), we would recognize staff, and reward them, for coming up with “best practices” that improved our events (and were easily transferable to other markets). So what’s your idea, opinion or question?
Submit your “best practice” today and win absolutely nothing! (We will give you full credit to impress your peers).