A Variety of Services to Improve Your Events

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Organization consulting –

Fundraising is challenging. Your organization is considering enhancing your event portfolio. This includes adding markets to an existing program or testing a new event concept. Either way the investment is considerable in both staff time and dollars. By working together, we can minimize the risk and utilize my 40+ years of experience in researching, planning and implementing new strategies to elevate your event programs.

  • Increasing event participation.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve financial efficiencies.
  • Drive new participant donations.
  • Expand sponsorship.
  • Engage volunteers.

Why do people register for events, but raise no money? Let’s change that!

Staff Training

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Turnover is inevitable in any business. In fundraising, a nonprofit can lose thousands of donor dollars if staff defections are not addressed quickly. New staff must be trained properly and quickly. We can build a successful onboarding program for staff to:

  • Understand and analyzing event data.
  • Develop volunteer roles and recruit the required number.
  • Site planning, permitting and event set up.
  • Maintain donor relationships and recruiting new participants.
  • Incentive programs to improve staff retention

How to retain your event participants and identify the ones that are the best investment of your time/energy.

Individual & Team Coaching

Maybe you’re new to fundraising, or need assistance identifying opportunities or addressing issues. Maybe the event you’ve been managing has leveled off or lost revenue from the pandemic. Having a fresh set of eyes give you a new perspective can be all you need to energize your event, your staff and your volunteers. We can provide:

  • Individual, one-on-one coaching.
  • Event and or market analysis identifying new strategies.
  • Staff roundtable to address challenges, improve morale and identifying solutions.

Learn how to encourage your participants to reach their fundraising goals.

Speaking engagements –

Mike Walk

Forty plus years in the event business provides an endless source of both insightful and entertaining material for your next staff meeting or conference. Mike has managed sports events, concerts, festivals, numerous fundraising events; as well as holding senior positions at major organizations. A variety of topics include can address the educational – event management, budgeting, sponsorship, site set up, timelines; and the more entertaining – why events go south, weather, weather please don’t rain, the drunk celebrity,  please don’t arrest me, and the rest of the enjoyment working in the “glamorous” world of event management. Just know that your audience will enjoy and be educated — taking away ideas that can be implemented in their own event programs.

Identifying and securing sponsors for your events.


Business Tools

The introduction of technology has changed the way nonprofits raise funds today. Technology impacts everything we do when it comes to executing an event. From registration, to communication, fundraising and marketing; all are connected to technology. Understanding the numerous technology programs and which is best suited for your organization can make a huge difference to the success of your events. Learn how to utilize the latest software advances to become more efficient in recruiting and raising new dollars.

  • Choosing a software that meets your fundraising needs.
  • Maximizing your current online fundraising platform.
  • Building reports to analyze and improve your event fundraising.

How to guarantee your participants reach their fundraising goals.

Board/Volunteer Roles

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Do your board members and volunteers understand their roles and have specific “job descriptions?” If not, then now is the time to build a structure and relationship with your board/volunteers to create a true partnership in growing fundraising events. Should a board member be the master of ceremony at your event? Can volunteers run your event registration? What is the background mix of volunteers that best suits your event? Learn the best balance between volunteer engagement, management and recruitment.

For more information how we can help your event planning and execution, contact Mike today!

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