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Are you facing another challenging week organizing your fundraising events? Having spent the past 20 years working in the nonprofit fundraising arena I understand what it is like to be charged with generating revenue with limited resources, minimal guidance and no training.

During my career with major nonprofits I was amazed at the high expectations of the development staff but the lack of development training that left local fundraising staff searching for fundraising event answers. As an executive at JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) I identified this problem and quickly instituted training at the local, regional and national level. The training was devoted exclusively to events and increasing participation and revenue. Fundraising revenue increased dramatically.

Now consulting with major nonprofits, I saw that the lack of staff training was not unique to a few organizations but an industry dilemma. Development staff in a market is hired on Monday, given the office tour on Tuesday and the event execution dumped on them on Wednesday. Even more ironic is the prior event files are a mess, past participants haven’t been thanked or contacted, the event is in 4 months and, oh by the way, we need a 15% increase over the prior year. Good Luck!

Sound familiar? Where do you go for help? For this reason I decided to launch a business, a website and now a seminar to address the lack of training and knowledge in producing a successful fundraising event. My website addresses the basic questions about fundraising events. Things like timing, registration, retention, recruitment and basic event execution.

Attending national fundraising conferences can run more than $1,000 and be beyond a local nonprofit’s budget.

It hasn’t been easy. Launching any type of business or fundraising event takes a lot of time and hard work. But I believed there was a definite need in the nonprofit arena for event information and support. The feedback to date has been fantastic and with your help we can have a one-stop resource for all our fundraising event questions.

Boston CommonsI invite you to check out my website and register to receive regular, valuable information on fundraising event management. Best of all…it’s free. There are no registration fees to visit the site and I invite feedback as well as suggestions that we can share with one another. I’m also bringing seminars to various markets this year with Boston and Los Angeles the first cities. You’ll hear from some of the top people in the nonprofit industry that work specifically on events.

So take a few minutes, check out the website, register for my (FREE) newsletter and give me some feedback. I’d enjoy hearing what you think and what you need to improve your events.

Good luck with your events!